Collaborations for streamers

Additional services for the streamer, transparently and fairly implemented

Hey streamer! Have you grown your own channel to an average of over 75 viewers per broadcast? Do you want to get joint work? Do you want to get additional services? Good! We are constantly looking for more interesting talents to join us through an open search.

What is it about?

You don't have to be a gaming streamer, we are looking for all kinds of content producers in a versatile way. You can be an independent streamer, part of a team or a team. You get to choose in which collaboration to partake, and each one collaboration has its own separate agreement. Our streamers can do the work either by invoicing through a company or light entrepreneurship, we also include bank transfer and PayPal, or we can pay with a tax card - whatever you want. You can also take joint work from others, i.e. we do not push exclusivity-related agreements with our collaborating talents.

Collaborations with brands

Once we have found a brand that is interested, we suggest streamers that we think are suitable for the task. After that, we'll ask if you're available to collaborate, and if the plan suits both parties, we'll start building the campaign. You get to influence what kind of content is created so that it is delivered with your own voice. However, we are there to support you throughout the whole process. Typically, the campaign lasts 2-4 weeks, after which we ask for a data portraying how it went. This also includes viewer reporting. We have cooperated with respected brands, e.g. with Valo, Cutters, Sotka, and Swappies. You can read more about these in our stories at our Customer experiences -page. Enjoy the read! :)

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So, if you want to create interesting, relevant content for the viewers and thereby get more viewers, feel free to fill in ilmoittautumislomakkeemme ja tule Discord to ask more about the possibilities offered. At Grail, we strive to be a streamer's best friend.

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