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What is Twitch?

Twitch is a video streaming service where people stream their work in real time. Most of it is about gaming, but there's a lot more to Twitch. is a meeting place for brands and content

There are thousands of streamers. looks for the right partners for your brand, handles guidance, reporting and feedback. All you have to do is enjoy the results.

How do we do it?

By enabling consumer experiences, we gain trust in brand communication and create added value for all parties involved through content marketing.

Striimaaja Laurenzinaa pelituolissaan is a meeting place for brands and content

Grail Group Oy is a media and marketing agency that uses Twitch's content and channel marketing as its focus product. connects the brand and the consumer through meaningful content marketing. You get meaningful visibility for your brand with the help of innovative content created by several influencers. We look for you the best live streamers, players and produce carefully thought out content with these online influencers.

As a leading expert in the field, GG helps companies understand Twitch content marketing and its audience, and develops business models for brands to take over Twitch.

Virta and Janina are streaming and making brand work for Vaasan  Sähkö.
Aippa in
Laurenzinaa in her gaming chair in Vaasan Sähkö campaign

Campaign example

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Laurenzinaa näyttää striimissä peukkua onnistuneen pelituolin kasauksen jälkeen


Sotka is a long-lived and traditional furniture store with an accessible and comprehensive selection of products. The Sotka chain, with 49 stores and one online store in Finland, is known as a place to shop for customers who appreciate easy transactions. An aging customer base and marketing investments in television and print have led to declining results in the under-35 age group. However, Sotka has a strong need for development and the desire and resources to do new things - in a different way!


Frankful is a texmex brand launched in 2021, the purpose of which is to produce high-quality and climate-friendly texmex products at a reasonable consumer price. The first marketing push was implemented in the spring of 2021, and for this implementation we offered a new route to the target group of young people.

Laurenzinaa streaming and cooking in Frankful campaign.
Vimma in Cutters

CUTTERS – Cut Hair, Cut Time, Cut Cost.

Cutters was interested in the audience of young adults and their natural attitude towards technology and services. Grail created a two-part approach to the content campaign: making the new brand familiar and, on the other hand, emphasizing customer acquisition.

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