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Grail's Twitch marketing: our services on Twitch

Grail Group Oy is a media and marketing agency that connects consumers and brands by producing content together with online influencers. We have built an innovative, effective and functional concept to change influencer marketing internationally. Grail Group's Twitch marketing is looking for just the right influencers for your campaign. Our syndicated influencer and livestream marketing campaigns move away from heavy relationship management and hard-to-measure results of traditional influencer activities. Instead, we focus on reaching a core audience of influencers with engaging content combined with integrated brand communication. This brings huge marketing ROI benefits to brands while easing their own workload.

Who we are, the Grail Group staff

We at Grail Group believe that hard work shows and it should be shown. No matter what the job descriptions are like, we all still do everything. So contact the one that feels most comfortable!

Grail Group Kalle Koskela CEO

Kalle Koskela


+358 40 750 4600 /

Aschwin van der Woude

Aschwin van der Woude


Niklas von Schöneman Grail Questeilla poseeraamassa

Niklas von Schöneman

Marketing and sales

+358 50 340 0579 /

Waltteri "Wade" Lehkonen poseeraamassa

Waltteri "Wade" Lehkonen

Production and streamers

Ville Nikola pelaamassa tietokonetta Grail Questeilla

Ville Nikola

Production, websites, marketing, and streamers

+358 50 402 7659 /

Claudio Castellin poseeraamassa toimistotuolilla

Claudio Castellin

Head of Italian marketing

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