Twitch-marketing 2023

Influencer marketing or content marketing?

What is influencer marketing?

The employment of influencers as a content marketing tool has been recognized for a long time, albeit it is still not fully understood.

Influencer marketing is a reinterpretation of an old advertising method. Nowadays, influencers produce content for their chosen streaming channel, such as YouTube live or The content can pertain almost anything, but the protagonist is most often the influencer himself. In broadcasts, the audience is involved in seeing and experiencing what the influencer does, and can also participate in the broadcast via chat. Unlike YouTube videos, the content and interaction seen on streaming platforms is all in real-time.


Marketing enters the picture when an influencer brings an external brand into the content of their own channel. He can recommend, test and react or include the product in his own content in insightful ways.

For the viewer, these commercial collaborations are significantly more meaningful to watch than traditional advertisements. The promotional nature of the content is not so blatant, instead, the brand borrows the trust created by the influencer in the eyes of the public. According to research, 90% of followers say that these recommendations influence their next purchase decision, as a result, the audience is 2.4 times more likely to become experimenters. The more organically the influencer includes the product in broadcasts, the better the content and results are for everyone, including the brand, the audience and the influencer himself.

Influencer or content creator?

Viewers can learn, be interested, and influence the content of broadcasts via chat. Broadcasts are also monitored while doing something else. The influencer is a companion of the everyday life when you work, study, or participate in remote meetings. This happens in a similar fashion to the old times of radio or TV, which were not actively followed necessarily, but even when something else was being done at the same time.

Today, an influencer is not just a celebrity like in the past, but mostly an ordinary person who has thousands or even millions of followers thanks to the content produced. He can be a capable gamer who broadcasts while playing. He can be artistically talented and produce content from drawing, playing, writing and more. He can be an expert in his field, sharing investment tips, renovation instructions, etc. Or he can be otherwise entertaining and make interesting content about his personal life and share it with his viewers.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is not just about offering money to influencers in exchange for a praise of your product. Influencers invest a lot of time building their own image and expanding their audience. They protect their credibility and the community that trusts them. The influencer knows his own audience and is therefore careful about what type of commercial collaborations he accepts and how the brand is included in its own contents.

By enabling intelligent contents in the appropriate channels, a commercial brand gains the trust of the public, and therefore is remembered first when an user considers his next purchase.

The right kind of content, on the right channel, for the right target group.

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