Cookies and GDPR

Register keeper and all other legal matters

At Grail Group, we take data protection matters seriously. We take extremely good care of all the information we collect or receive from our customers. We also want to make it possible to be forgotten.

In order for us to serve our customers as well as possible, the customer must accept the means of data collection and processing described in this privacy statement. Put simply, Grail Group stores and maintains two types of information: information provided by users themselves and information derived with the help of analytics.

We use the information to ensure the success of customer service and to develop marketing.

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The register keeper is:

Grail Group Oy
Business ID: 2637286-5
Address: Askaistentie 45 as 1, 20810 Turku, Finland.
If necessary, you can ask our data protection officer for more information about data processing and data protection. You can also request the deletion of your data:

Interests in our services deduced with analytics and information provided by the user himself, e.g. in the request for quotation and contact us sections. In general, this information includes: name, workplace and title/profession and email address. In some cases, also a phone number. We do not collect, for example, personal identifiers, and even if you provide us with them, we will immediately delete such identifiable information. 

We use the information to improve marketing and our own products and to maintain our own customer register. Information in the customer register 

The website uses cookies and similar browser technical functions, such as browser memory. By default, your browser's cookies are stored for one month, unless you delete them separately. You can delete cookies from your browser settings. However, remember that new cookies will be loaded into your browser when you visit our website again. Accepting cookies and their use is mandatory. Our website also has other tracking technologies, such as pixel tags. From browsing our pages, the following e.g. Google and Facebook. Through these, we can e.g. to analyze and develop our services, to target website content and to target advertising content. The number of ads in e.g. your Facebook view is constant, that is, there will be no more ads because of us.

If you have any questions or want to delete your information, please contact