Tomorrow’s marketing - The rise of a new marketing platform

Twitch vastaan Youtube ja TikTok

A shifting landscape

Tomorrow's marketing in Twitch - The rise of a new marketing platform. The once-upon-a-time audience of the traditional channels which used to deliver brand’s exposure (i.e. TV, radio, newspapers), is fragmenting out of reach and looking at new, exciting sources of entertainment. The Cookies that helped companies to find and target pertinent segments for their advertisement in the last decades are about to be discarded (estimation in 2024).

How will enterprises connect with their respective user-groups?

Enter Twitch, a new, intelligent way to produce and share content based on a plethora of thematic. Made by users, for users, this rapidly growing community is taking hold of both general public and disruptive companies’ attention (buyers and sellers), and nestling as a fresh, safe meeting and interacting point amidst the seas of supply and demand.

But why Twitch, and not YouTube, TikTok, or some other media?

The die is cast. Since the onset of new trends, Twitch proved itself to be one of the fastest growing platforms in recent human memory. More so, in several European countries it has already surpassed the competition, taking the lead as a favourite medium to share and engage in contents, interactively and in real time.

Maybe the secret of Twitch’s success lies in its intrinsic capability of capturing and activating its users like an addictive mix between Netflix and Instagram, or maybe those streamers really know how to connect with their audience and have their followers care and commit to them. While the reasons may be many, the outcome is one and tangible: they love it!

Targeting the pertinent segments of a supportive audience

From a business perspective, the appeal of a channel-based user categorization is simple: share your solutions directly with your preferred user-base via content relevant to the channel (and therefore its user-segments) selected. Furthermore, the ability to bridge the gap with an ideal clientele ensures that your message won’t fall on deaf ears, and that’s more ROI and impact for your allotted budget. Cherry on the cake, community-based marketing offers plenty of added value. For instance, a caring and supportive audience will do its best to empower their preferred channels along with its sponsors, this may manifest via self-activation, brand loyalty, a rating increase, word of mouth, and more. Pound by pound, it’s more bang for your bucks. What’s not to like?

The many benefits of hiring a specialist

Once realised the potential and future-proof qualities of a marketing campaign on Twitch, you may be wondering what could be the first step to move into this direction. This is where I talk about us. At Grail, we offer tools to plan, implement, and execute successful marketing campaigns, as well as gather intel about their targeted audience. We provide a range of solutions suited to fit an array of purposes and scopes, all presented with useful insight and transparency: you only pay for what is delivered, and we only deliver where it matters. Allow us to help your company grow by either contacting us via email or booking a quick appointment. State your needs, and we’ll take it from there together.

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