Marketing example: Parliamentary elections 2023 social media marketing

Channels created by others to help

Photo: MP Ville Valkonen on the left. On the right, streamer Juuso "TurunPug" Jokinen

Marketing example: Parliamentary elections 2023 social media marketing. Social media marketing is important for every party and candidate. You don't always have to do everything yourself, but the party and the candidate can go where the voters are and use other channels or even platforms for help. 

Turun Pug alias Juuso Jokinen

First, a little background. Turun Pug alias Juuso Jokinen is a streamer from Turku who streams on the popular Twitch service. Former airport employee Juuso decided to try full-time streaming when his first videos were so well received. In the end, the streaming has paid off because TurunPug has more than 36,000 followers on Twitch alone. Add to that TikTok's 18,000 followers, and we're over 50,000.

Like many other streamers, Juuso makes a lot of different content on Twitch. Just Chatting has the most popular content according to broadcast hours (March 2023). With this title, he streams e.g. hockey analysis, his own sport and everything you can imagine. Juuso, who is known as a sportsman, runs, for example, Kalju Corner with former ice hockey player and ice hockey coach Ismo Lehkonen. There they go through both the domestic League and the Finns' journey in the NHL and other leagues. You can watch these episodes with a picture on TurunPug's channel on Twitch or listen to them as a podcast from Spotify.

Ville Valkonen's momentum for the elections on social media marketing

Ville Valkonen is a politician who has acted e.g. as deputy mayor of Turku and special economic policy assistant to the Minister of State Finance. At the moment, he works as a member of parliament and as the chairman of the Constituency of Varsinais-Suomen Kokoomus, a regional councilor for Varsinais-Finland and a city councilor for Turku. By education, Valkonen has a master's degree in economics.

On Valkonen's social media accounts, of Facebookof Twitterof Instagram and of TikTok has a total of just under 10,000 followers. So it's no wonder that he sees an opportunity in the right kind of Twitch marketing, with the right kind of influencer. Valkonen has understood something that not many MPs or parties have yet.

Case example: Ville Valkonen in an interview with TurunPug​​

That's what it came to. So Juuso interviews Ville on his own Twitch channel live. But why? If you look at it first from Juuso's point of view, he is interested in politics in general and believes that his right to vote should be used. In addition, he gets good and guaranteed different content for his own channel, compared to other streamers.

For Ville, the situation is different. He is in an interview where the interesting host has already thought about the questions – possibly with his audience – and is taking the story forward. In addition, he gets to talk with the audience directly and answer questions during the broadcast. Valkonen gets a ready-made, relevant audience for him, which can be difficult to reach with traditional political means. So it's a modern-day market cafe!

In addition, the interests of both have one and the same point; remember to vote when you have the right to.

Be there, ask, bring influence.

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